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Coaching & Therapy

Dr. Constantina Kass

Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and educational psychologist

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Tuesday 12.00-13.30 Initial intake appointment
14.00-19.00 Counseling Sessions
Thursday 12.00-13.30 Initial intake appointment
14.00-19.00 Counseling Sessions
Friday 11.00-19.00 (*upon request)

Successfully Navigate Life Abroad: Personalized Psychological and Coaching Services for Expats

With Dr. Constantina Kass, Ph.D in School Psychology, Loyola University Chicago

Welcome to a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with Dr. Constantina Kass, an experienced psychologist and internationally certified coach dedicated to illuminating the path of expatriates in Romania.

With over two decades of clinical experience, Dr. Kass expertly blends cognitive behavioral techniques and personalized coaching to address the unique challenges faced by expats, including cultural adjustments, family dynamics, and personal development.

Whether you’re seeking to enhance your well-being, navigate life transitions, or foster stronger relationships, Dr. Kass offers a compassionate, goal-oriented approach to therapy and coaching.

Embark on a transformative experience designed to align with your values and aspirations, and thrive in your life abroad.

Expat coaching and counseling

– Sessions conducted exclusively in English –

Dr. Kass’s approach to expat coaching is deeply informed by her doctoral research on acculturation and stress, within an International Baccalaureate Honors Program in Greece. Further enriched by her personal experiences living as an expat in Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Romania, and raising third culture kids (TCK), Dr. Kass brings a wealth of firsthand insights into her practice.

This unique blend of professional training and personal experience makes her exceptionally qualified at helping expatriates and their families navigate the complexities of living abroad and achieving their fullest potential in new cultural environments.

Services Offered

  • Coaching Services

Dr. Constantina Kass provides coaching aimed at fostering personal growth and effective adaptation to life changes. Her approach is tailored to help individuals, especially expatriates, navigate their unique paths towards fulfilling lives.

Your Benefits:

– Achieve Personal Fulfillment: You are guided to identify and pursue pathways that lead to a prosperous and meaningful life, ensuring your personal values and goals are central to the process.

– Boost Confidence and Well-being: You develop enhanced self-confidence and emotional resilience, key factors in achieving success and managing life’s challenges effectively.

– Ease Transition Challenges: You learn to manage the emotional and practical challenges of adjusting to new cultural and social environments, facilitating smoother transitions during major life changes.

– Receive Tailored Support: You benefit from customized strategies developed using Cognitive Behavioral coaching techniques, ensuring support is perfectly aligned with your specific needs and situations.

– Access Convenient Global Services: You can access these services from anywhere in the world through HIPPA, a secure, virtual, compliant platform, making it easy to receive support wherever you are located.

  • Therapy Services

Dr. Kass is specialized in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help children, teens and adults manage anxiety and depression, focusing on therapeutic outcomes that contribute to greater success and well-being.

Your Benefits:

– Manage and Overcome Anxiety and Depression: You receive specialized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that helps you understand, manage, and overcome anxiety and depression, leading to improved mental health.

– Develop Effective Coping Skills: You learn new, effective coping strategies to deal with daily challenges, enhancing your ability to succeed in personal, educational, and social aspects of your life.

– Improve Family Relationships: Therapy provides parents with strategies to support their children more effectively, leading to improved family dynamics and stronger family relationships.

– Build Social Confidence: Through group therapy sessions, you develop better social skills and confidence, enabling you to navigate and thrive in social situations.

– Gain Insightful Educational Support: You benefit from Dr. Kass’s educational psychology experience, gaining insights that help address and overcome academic challenges related to learning difficulties and emotional issues.

  • Group Services

Dr. Constantina Kass offers a variety of group services designed to support both parents and teens through transitions and ongoing challenges associated with expat life. These services provide a structured environment where participants can develop coping strategies, enhance their social skills, and gain emotional resilience through shared experiences and expert guidance.


Dr. Kass facilitates two main types of group activities:

  • 8 Week Groups:

– Expat Parent Transition Group

– Younger Teen Transition Group (grades 7,8,9)

– Older Teen Transition Group (grades 10,11,12)

  • Ongoing and Rolling Admission Groups:

– Expat Parent Support Group

– Younger Teen TCK Support Group (grades 7,8,9)

– Older Teen TCK Support Group (grades 10,11,12)

Group Descriptions

8 Week Teen Groups: These groups are interactive and include a variety of activities such as mindfulness exercises, cognitive behavioral techniques to manage anxiety, and creative storytelling. Participants also discuss the development and maintenance of social support networks and create individualized plans to achieve their specific goals.

8 Week Parent Group: This group is designed to help parents connect, communicate, and effectively support their children. It includes a review of cognitive behavioral strategies and the development of a personal toolbox of coping strategies that parents can use and share with their family.

Ongoing Support Groups: These groups offer a more flexible, discussion-based format with a weekly topic that guides the session. They are designed to foster self-reflection and help members develop plans to achieve their best life abroad.

Benefits of Group Services

– Develop Coping Strategies: You will learn cognitive behavioral techniques to manage stress and anxiety, helping you navigate the complexities of expat life.

– Enhance Emotional Resilience: Through participation, you gain emotional strength and resilience, becoming more adept at handling the uncertainties of living abroad.

– Build and Maintain Social Networks: You will learn how to develop and maintain vital social support networks that can provide comfort and assistance during transitional periods.

– Improve Family Dynamics: As a parent, you will learn effective ways to support and communicate with your child, enhancing family relationships and understanding.

– Engage in Meaningful Interaction: Engaging with peers in similar situations allows for shared experiences and mutual support, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

– Tailored Support for Teens: Teens in the groups have opportunities to express themselves creatively and learn strategies specifically suited to their age group and challenges.

Dr. Constantina Kass

Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and educational psychologist

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Tuesday 12.00-13.30 Initial intake appointment
14.00-19.00 Counseling Sessions
Thursday 12.00-13.30 Initial intake appointment
14.00-19.00 Counseling Sessions
Friday 11.00-19.00 (*upon request)


Initial Intake Appointment (90-minute session) 1300 lei
Counseling Sessions (45-minute session) 920 lei
Coaching Sessions Upon request
Group Sessions Upon request